Low Rolling Resistance Tires for Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

Firestone’s fuel-efficient tires are designed to help you go the extra mile. Optimized tire compounds and construction features minimize the amount of energy lost from drag and friction while delivering reliable performance in all seasons.

Benefits of Firestone Low Rolling Resistance Tires

·       Fuel Fighter™ Technology that ensures low rolling resistance

·       Optimized tread pattern to provide handling in wet, dry and wintery conditions

·       Advanced tread compound and footprint to deliver traction on wet roads

Fuel Efficient Firestone Tires

Champion Fuel Fighter Tire

Champion Fuel Fighter

The Firestone Championtire with Fuel Fighter™ technology is an all-season tire designed for fuel efficiency and a comfortable ride in both wet and dry conditions. With its 70,000 mile tread wear limited warranty**, this low rolling resistance tire is built to offer you reliable, fuel-efficient performance. *Certain limitations and restrictions apply. See warranty manual for details.

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