Firestone Shield

Off-Road Tires Built for All-Terrain and Mud

What brings your truck or SUV off the beaten path? Equipping your vehicle with the technology that delivers exceptional traction and handling when taking (or making) the trail less traveled requires an understanding of off-road tire technology. True off-road tires will power - even inspire - the driving features a truck is designed to deliver.

All-Terrain Tires

Firestone Destination and Transforce tires are built to handle highways, backroads and work sites so you can work and play as hard as you want.

Maximum Traction & Mud Tires

MT tire technology is intended to put the driver in full control when faced with extremely challenging off-road conditions, the technology behind the tread patterns is what will fuel your off-road experience as the deeper and wider grooves enable the truck to grip in mud, dirt and sand.

Destination AT Tire

What Makes a Great Firestone All-Terrain or Mud Tire? 

Rough-Terrain Capable

Firestone off-road tires are engineered to take on rocky trails, mud bogs, backroads, the highway and everything in between so you can be prepared for whatever path you’re on.

Unbeatable Off-Road Performance

All-season capabilities to handle whatever the season, highway or trail throws.

Tread Designed for Any Road or Trail

Specially designed tread pattern delivers maximum grip and off-road toughness so you can always find new roads for new adventures.

Built Tough

Reinforced tires and treads designed for durability and dependability needed for tough mud or rugged terrain so you can handle every bump in the road.




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